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The Alton Distillery New York Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML


A blend of locally sourced winter rye, malted rye, corn and malted barley and created with pure Catskill Mountain water. 

Aged in new charred American oak, this is a deeply colored spirit with the requisite spice that can only be rye whiskey. Beyond the spice, there is rich aromatics and a gutsy kick of oak. This all mellows out when diluted with a few drops of water. 

Pour this over ice or make a full-bodied Old Fashioned cocktail. 

The Alton Description

The foundation of all The Alton's whiskies lie in the making of the spirit, from the quality of the grains to the spectacular spring water of the estate, to the final distillation in our small copper stills, from which only the heart is kept for maturation in white American oak casks. Together with the inspiration drawn from the stunning natural surroundings, these are the special factors which contribute to The Alton's distinctive whiskey character and taste.

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