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Salcombe Gin 750ML


Salcombe Gin is delightfully loud with resinous, piney, juniper notes. The top notes slowly dissipate revealing a more complex nose with hints of orange and lemon peel, coriander and a touch of spice laden creaminess and a faint floral whisper of lilac.

The palate is intensely flavored, with plenty of the classic notes from the nose, but also much more citrus and sweet spice.

Peppery, spicy cubeb notes begin along side a really creamy sweet orange and ruby red grapefruit citrus. Spice begins to become more prominent mid palate with hints of cinnamon bark, turning slightly mentholated and breathy, with cardamom and licorice coming in. Citrus and coriander later, with the juniper now becoming more prominent, with a very green and vibrant piney character. The finish is long, trending quite long with a creamy juniper led finish. This is lovely stuff in the glass just on its own.

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