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Royal Elite Supreme Vodka 8 Times Distilled


You have arrived with Royal Elite Purple. Purple is the color of royalty and so it is fitting Royal Elite has chosen purple to signify his astounding accomplishment in the making of vodka. Starting with Uzbekistan's fabled healing waters and renowned golden wheat, master distiller Nurudidn Salakhov has created a recipe deserving to be considered both royal and elite. Royal Elite traces its roots to the anient court of Emperor Tamerlane and is produced by venerable Tashkentvino distillery, renowned throughout Russia and Centeral Asia as the leading producer of fine vodkas, cagnacs and wines. Royal Elite is named after Tamerlane's elite fighting force who drank it for strength before battle and celebration after. It provides taste and refinement painlessly. The Uzbeks have a saying that when God gave out all the land in the world he kept his favorite for himself. This was Ozbekiston, God's land. Fertile valleys, healing waters, snow capped mountains - and the world's finest vodka.