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Nikka Single Malt Yoichi 750ML


Yoichi Single Malt is now the only representative of the single malts family from the first Nikka's distillery. A worthy heir of its line, it proudly carries the so atypical character that made Yoichi's whiskies famous. Blending of whiskies with different ages, it marries with balance floral, fruity and peaty aromas for an amazing tasting experience.

Yoichi Single Malt express a rather floral nose with iris and eyelet that evolves towards notes of candied citrus such as lemon and orange, all enhanced by a thin slightly salty peat. Then it invites your palate to discover its complexity mixing fruity aromas of melon and kiwi, with spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg, and peaty and smoky notes typical signatures of the distillery. Then in a long, silky finish, it will disappear leaving a few hints of ripe fruit and mint.

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