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Misguided Spirits Hinky Dinky Workingmans Old-Fashioned Rye Whiskey


 Workingman’s good old-fashioned Rye Whiskey made, owned, and sold by working men and women like you. Inspired by the infamous Chicago Alderman Hinky Dink Kenna and his Workingman’s Saloon. Besides serving inexpensive drinks and free lunch, he also provided cheap lodging for down-and-outers. In return, these patrons could be counted on to vote as he directed starting the vote early, vote often reputation of Chicago elections. Appearance: Rich and inviting like warm caramel. Aroma: Comforting and familiar, slightly sweet, with hints of molasses, vanilla, and dried orange peel. Taste: Warming and rich with lingering flavors of vanilla, caramel, and Brown Sugar. Finish: Flavors melt away leaving a lingering sweetness that dissipates into a hint of spiciness from the Rye Mash.

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