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Glenmorangie Signet 750ML


It takes an extraordinary amount of time an dedication to create an ever-evolving masterpiece in harmony with nature. Signet, our rarest malt whisky, is the culmination of nearly two centuries of craft and patience shaped by the natural conditions unique to our Highland estate. This sublime whisky, Glenmorangie Signet, is a contrast of rich sweetness and the warming depth of complex spices and bitter mocha. Nose: The enticing warmth of coffe, ginger and cinnamon burts forth, then melts into dark chocolate and tirmisu. Old-fashioned dark toffee emerges, onlingside crystallized orange peel, cocoa, creme caramel and rich fruit cake. Taste: A velvet explosion on the palate swirls crackling spices with bitter mocha, dark chocolate and the mellow softness of apricot and butterscotch. Then a surge of toasted hazelnuts and almonds, paired with praline, vanilla and orange zest. Finish: An incredible complexity of mocha and psice heralds creamy, cappuccino notes and hints of amaretto, before a finale of choclate-coated raisins and bitter-sweet orange.