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Filibuster Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ML


Filibuster Distillery is a women- and minority-owned business with the soul of a small family enterprise. Born in D.C. and now located in Virginia, you can call us a true product of the DMV. Our business began on the corner of 9th and M NW, not far from the Capitol, so Filibuster was a natural choice for our name. We wanted to lampoon the intensity of the political culture in D.C.- maybe if everyone just talked it out over a few drinks, things would go more smoothly? At the heart of it is the filibuster, itself very unique to the American political process. We forget sometimes that we have such freedom to express our opinions in this country, in contrast to much of the world. We also really wanted to highlight the fact we were creating a unique American style of whiskey, so the name works on a few fronts. Suman Dilawri - Founder and Chairman