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Dead Drop Gin 750ML


A unique blend of 12 botanicals to provide the delicate, nuanced character of the gin, selecting the finest ingredients from around the world — juniper berries from Italy, orris root from Morocco, hibiscus from Egypt, and citrus fruit from California to name a few. Right before distillation, we peel fresh ruby red grapefruits by hand and add thinly cut peels, giving our gin its unique citrus flavor. The spirit is allowed to rest for several weeks after distillation so the flavors can fully develop and come together before bottling.  

Gin is non-chill filtered and some cloudiness may appear at colder temperatures. This is caused by the essential oils from our selection of botanicals. Dead Drop chooses not to chill-filter as removing these oils would detract from the gin’s rich flavor and mouthfeel. 

44% abv / 88 proof

This is a profoundly aromatic, fresh-tasting gin. On the nose, bright citrus notes meet a subtle floral character from the hibiscus and lavender. Upon first taste, warm tangerine contrasts with fresh citrus peel before giving way to classic notes of delicate juniper and bright coriander, with just a hint of cracked pepper in the finish. 

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