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Michter's 10 Year Straight Rye 750ML


Big and mouth coating, it is incredibly easy to sip. Caramel transitions into butterscotch on the long finish.

Old Potrero Rye Whiskey 750ML


This whiskey is a blend of whiskeys aged between two and a half years and five and a half years in new and used toasted oak barrels, and bottled at 51.2% ABV. The nose: A little honey, combined with the toasty graininess, gives an impression of Honey Nut Cheerios. Dried stone fruit Palate: Honey shows up first on the palate. There’s some...

Catskill Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML


On the palate, caramel, vanilla, creme brulee, brown sugar, nougat, ripe banana coconut, dried dark fruits, and cinnamon notes mingle for rich and complex flavor. The finish is exceptionally smooth.

Mckenzie Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML


McKenzie Rye Whiskey is made from local rye grain & is distilled using old-time techniques. We age this whiskey in new charred oak casks and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries. The sherry balances the spiciness of the rye & gives a nod to the wine region where it's from.

The Alton Distillery New York Straight Rye Whiskey 750ML


A blend of locally sourced winter rye, malted rye, corn and malted barley and created with pure Catskill Mountain water.  Aged in new charred American oak, this is a deeply colored spirit with the requisite spice that can only be rye whiskey. Beyond the spice, there is rich aromatics and a gutsy kick of oak. This all mellows out when diluted with...

Cody Road Single Barrel Rye Whiskey 750ML


Buffalo Bill Cody lived life large. Born just a mile from our distillery, we honor his legend with a BIG whiskey. This limited wheated bourbon is hand selected one barrel at a time. Bottled at barrel proof of 105, we encourage you to live life large the Cody Road way. Grain bill: 70% corn, 20% wheat, 10% barley Serving style: Add a...

Widow Jane Rye Aged in Oak and Apple Wood 750ML


The fact that Kentucky is the epicenter of American whiskey production is due to the special properties of its limestone filtered water and the minerals it contains. Well, Rosendale Limestone possesses an even higher ratio of beneficial minerals than that found in Kentucky and its sparkling waters are as pure as its namesake, the Widow Jane. The owner of Widow...

Varchas Straight Rye Whiskey Small Batch Barrel Finish 750ML


Great aroma, some sweet, a little smoky, some spice. Taste provides some vanilla/caramel, and some nice fruit and spice in the finish. A good drinker. Not harsh, smooth.

Boondocks Rye Whiskey 750ML


Rich caramel, vanilla and grassy notes on the nose with flavors of caramel, vanilla toffee and butterscotch. Sweet, full bodied, warm, spicy, rich mouthfeel with a hint of small grain grassiness. Long and pleasant finish, lingering, warm and sweet.

Pinhook Rye 750ML


This straight rye whiskey has bright aromas of fresh apples, licorice root and cinnamon stick that give way to a deep and rich palate of brown sugar, candied black licorice, vanilla bean, raisins and dried apricot.

Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Rye Whiskey 750ML


Redwood Empire Emerald Giant Rye Whiskey has a natural rye aroma followed by a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon with a faint hint of pepper. The palate is unparalleled spice complexity with smooth rye notes. a hint of honey and orange peel becomes peppery with a lingering cinnamon finish. 

Templeton Rye Whiskey 4 Year Old 750ML


This bottle of Templeton Rye is based on the original Prohibition era Kerkhoff recipe. It was aged in charred new oak barrels for a smooth finish…and a new clean geaway.

Misguided Spirits Hinky Dinky Workingmans Old-Fashioned Rye Whiskey


 Workingman’s good old-fashioned Rye Whiskey made, owned, and sold by working men and women like you. Inspired by the infamous Chicago Alderman Hinky Dink Kenna and his Workingman’s Saloon. Besides serving inexpensive drinks and free lunch, he also provided cheap lodging for down-and-outers. In return, these patrons could be counted on to vote as he directed starting the vote early,...